Amplifying the voices of the OnTrackNY community


Amplify OnTrackNY is our initiative for engaging, listening, and responding to your feedback about OnTrackNY services. Working closely with OnTrackNY leadership, this initiative provides opportunities for partnering with participant, families and treatment teams to envision and achieve the highest quality of care. Meet the Amplify OnTrackNY team here (coming soon).

Why participate? Will it make a difference?

At Amplify OnTrackNY, we are seeking feedback that helps us understand what is going well and ways to improve OnTrackNY so we can better serve our community. With your voice, we hope the program will more effectively meet its goal of improving the lives of adolescents and young adults experiencing first episode of psychosis. 

How to get involved?

If you are a current or previous OnTrackNY participant, click here

If you are an OnTrackNY family member or a loved one, click here

If you are an OnTrackNY team leader or provider, click here 

How can I provide feedback?

There are many ways to get involved and share your views and experiences with OnTrackNY, including some ways to provide feedback anonymously:

  • Reading and providing written feedback at your own pace, for example responding to a survey
  • Talking to someone individually on the phone
  • Meeting with someone face to face
  • Participating in a one-time group discussion, for example a focus group to discuss a specific topic
  • Joining the Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council, a group of current and former OnTrackNY participants who meet monthly, with a mission of expressing what matters most to them, providing input about the OnTrackNY program and supporting youth guided practices. 
  • Becoming a member of the Family Council, a group of family and loved ones of current and former OnTrackNY participants that meets monthly to share their views about OnTrackNY and identify ways of improving the overall quality of services provided to young people and their families                                           

To learn more about OnTrackNY here and OnTrackCentral click here.


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