OnTrackNY teams offer Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC), a comprehensive set of support services that are grounded in research and guided by the goals, needs, and preferences of each individual participant.

Who can participate in OnTrackNY services

OnTrackNY teams support young people across New York state, who:

  • Are between 16-30 years old (at the time of start)
  • Are having experiences of psychosis, such as having unusual thoughts, feeling suspicious of others, noticing changes in the way things look or sound, or feeling challenged by stress, fear, anger or confusion
  • Have had these experiences for less than 2 years*

*Exceptions:  OnTrackNY Southern Tier in Binghamton, NY & OnTrackNY CNY in Syracuse, NY may accept individuals who have experienced symptoms for less than 5 years.

If you believe that you or someone in your life may be experiencing psychosis, or if you’re unsure, contact your local OnTrackNY team. Our teams are available to help you navigate any questions or concerns. 

The support system at OnTrackNY was really powerful for me. That shared-decision making piece was really important. I was able to guide my recovery. It made me feel like I actually had input into how I was being treated.

Learn about CSC services

Participants can choose to engage in the elements of our services that best align with their aspirations for school, work, and relationships. Contact your local team to find out whether services are available online.

OnTrackNY CSC services are offered regardless of insurance status or ability to pay and include:

Individual therapy

Participants are offered cognitive behavioral-based therapy with the Primary Clinician to help them understand their experiences and develop strategies to maintain wellness. The Primary Clinician partners with OnTrackNY participants to support them in meeting their goals. 

Our Impact

OnTrackNY teams are having a positive impact on the lives of OnTrackNY participants across New York state, including:

Reducing hospitalizations

86 percentage-arrow

Decreased from 74% to 10% within the first year after OnTrackNY enrollment

Increasing employment or school enrollment

63 percentage-arrow

Increased from 43% to 70% within the first year after OnTrackNY enrollment

Improving symptoms

84 percentage-arrow

MIRECC GAF symptoms score improved by 84% within the first year after OnTrackNY enrollment

Need help now?

This website is not monitored 24/7 and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you or someone you know needs immediate support, please call or text 988.

Or, view free resources for immediate support.

OnTrackNY would not be possible without the support of our partners:

New York State Psychiatric Institute
New York State Office of Mental Health
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.
Center for Practice Innovations
Columbia University Department of Psychiatry