OnTrackNY supports teens and young adults across New York State, ages 16-30, experiencing unexpected changes in thinking or perceptions. OnTrackNY teams are committed to offering a space just for youto be yourself and show up as you are.

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Your OnTrackNY team will partner with you to determine which of our services best align with your preferences and goals.

Through our work together, we hope you feel empowered to pursue what’s most important to you, whether that’s making sense of these experiences, re-engaging with hobbies, or pursuing your goals for school, work, and relationships. 


Hear about OnTrackNY from current participants & graduates

We asked a few OnTrackers to share about their experiences with OnTrackNY.

Group therapy helped a ton. It was the communication that I had with the other [participants] there…Slowly but surely, I started putting the pieces together, and the recovery began.

OnTrackNY helped me discover my purpose in life.

- Cinimin OnTrackNY graduate, Youth & Young Adult Leadership Council
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Being a part of the Youth & Young Adult Leadership Council and attending the monthly sessions made me feel better and reassured that I wasn't alone in my journey to recovery. It has been fulfilling to be a part of the Council and contribute my ideas to different projects and feel like I am giving back to this community.

- OnTrackNY graduate, OnTracker Leadership Council member

[OnTrackNY has been] able to keep changing what they're doing for me as my needs have changed, like help with college applications and tips for studying.

- Jacquelyn (portrayed by an actor) OnTrackNY graduate

The support system at OnTrackNY was really powerful for me. I was able to guide my recovery. It made me feel like I actually had input into how I was being treated.

Interested in getting involved?

OnTrackNY offers a range of ways for participants and graduates to get involved, meet others with similar experiences, and share their voices and perspectives.

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