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We are Talia Richkin, and DJ Wilkerson, the OnTrackNY Youth Coordinators, and we are excited to welcome you to the new OnTrackNY Blog. The Blog will feature content including: our monthly newsletter, photovoice projects from our #OnTrackEXPRESS campaign, a series of videos featuring OnTrackNY participants, and guest posts from participants and staff alike. We hope everyone who visits the blog can find something they connect with, something that inspires them, or even just something that makes them better able to understand another's experience.

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OnTrackNY July 2020 Newsletter: Changing the Game

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Welcome to our inaugural issue of Changing the Game, our quarterly newsletter developed for and by our own OnTrackNY community! The OnTrackNY community is certainly demonstrating how to change the game and the conversations about mental health, recovery, and what matters most to individuals and families experiencing early psychosis, especially now.

This issue of Changing the Game features a timely focus on the experience of those of us who identify as BIPOC in the United States. We have inspiring interviews with Daffeny B. and C.F., who are graduates of OnTrackNY and leaders in our Downstate Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council. We are featuring an insightful interview with the OnTrackNY Peer Specialist for CCNY in Queens, Mya Haley, and we also have a thought-provoking article by OnTrackNY Youth Coordinator, DJ Wilkerson. 

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A Message From OnTrackNY Central

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We want to share our solidarity during these very difficult and uncertain times. 

We think it is important to explicitly acknowledge the pain and anguish that recent events are causing us individually and as a collective- and particularly to the Black community. OnTrackNY condemns all acts of unequal treatment, police brutality, and white supremacy. We denounce the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. These events have brought to the forefront the ways in which systemic racism is a daily reality.  So many emotions happening now—rage, fear, despair, grief, exhaustion, and others.   

We know that racism and mental health are intrinsically connected and need to be discussed even when we don't have all the answers or may not even know all of the questions that should be asked. Maintaining social distance and being apart from one another seems doubly cruel right now.  We wish we could gather together in person to talk and listen to one another.  

To all of you providing services to young people and families in OnTrackNY, please know that we at OnTrack Central stand with you and the people you serve. We are committed to continue working on identifying and deconstructing racism and bias in our interactions, service, training, and research. We at OnTrack Central continue to talk and explore this topic amongst ourselves, we encourage teams to do the same and we will support any efforts to do so. 


Sincerely OnTrackNY Central Team,

Abbe Duke, Chacku Mathai, DJ Wilkerson, Doron Amsalem, Gary Scannevin, Hong Ngo, Igor Malinovsky, Ilana Nossel, Iruma Bello, Julia Bruk, Lisa Dixon, Liza Watkins, Margaret Kurk, Rufina Lee, Sarah Piscitelli, Steve Smith, Talia Richkin, Tasha Houston, Tom Jewell


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